Beddit Sleep Monitor tracks your sleep. Accurately, without any disturbing wearable sensors.
All you need to do is sleep on the sensor – Beddit takes care of the rest.

What Beddit measures?

Heart rate

While you sleep, Beddit measures your resting heart rate. Resting heart rate is an important indicator of recovery and stress.  


Beddit measures your breathing frequency and gives you a possibility to follow your stress levels. By tracking your respiration, Beddit also knows if you snore during the night.

Sleep cycles

Did you know your sleep isn’t the same throughout the night? By sensing your movements Beddit recognizes the different sleep stages and sleep cycles you go through during the night.

Sleep time

Many of us constantly suffer from day-time fatigue without knowing what’s really wrong with their zzzs. Beddit tracks your overall sleep time and recognizes absences from bed, awake periods and periods of restless sleep. 

… and what’s in it for me?

In the morning, the Beddit app tells you how you slept and how to sleep better.


…your night summarized in a personal Sleep Score. 


…your sleep time, rest-
ing heart rate and breathing frequency from the Beddit stats. 


…your sleep cycles, night time events and snoring in the Beddit timeline. 


…more about your sleep based on your personal details set in your profile. 

Why sleep matters?

Sleep has a significant effect on your overall wellness.
A good night’s sleep improves your working efficiency, reduces stress, boosts your workout and has a positive impact on your relationships.

Let Beddit coach you towards sleeping smarter!

Science behind Beddit

The Beddit Sleep Monitor is based on ballistocardiography (BCG), a scientific method for measuring cardiorespiratory functions. It detects the tiny signals caused by heartbeat, respiration and movements of the person in bed.


Get Beddit

Got hooked already? Get Beddit in your colour preference, download the app and dive into the mysteries of sleep!



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