Beddit Smart, our upgraded sensor, may be purchased from the Beddit web store (EU / US+INT) or from Amazon. It will pair faster and more efficiently for both android and iOS users, and can pair automatically for iOS users with Beddit 2.0, our revamped user interface, which is available for download from the app store. Android users, hang in there: we’ll get 2.0 out to you as soon as we’re able. more

As you collect sleep data on your heart rate, respiration, sleep duration, and so forth, your normal baseline will emerge. Deviations from that baseline can yield important insights. New with Beddit 2.0, sleep remarks on the initial dashboard view let you know whether you are above, below, or at the usual level of your various sleep measurements, from pulse and breathing to sleep duration and movement. Along with our sleep tips and sleep history, you’ll have more tools for changing your sleep for the better, without having to look hard to find them. more

The mini-history view in Beddit 2.0 provides an at-a-glance impression of your past week’s sleep utilizing a bar of bubbles across the top of the screen that can be quickly scrolled through to survey months of data. The bubbles’ color changes with the sleep parameter you select, and the bubbles’ sizes relative to one another reflect differences between each days’ measurements, from sleep scores and sleep efficiency to heart rate and respiration. Why is this helpful? Read on…  more

We’ve been talking to amazing people lately. Smart people. Researchers from the world’s most prestigious scientific institutions have contacted us about using Beddit in ways that could fundamentally alter the world’s approach and commitment to sleep. Sounds great, doesn’t it? They must see something incredibly intricate and complex within our device to make it the tool for such far-reaching designs, right?