Beddit Ltd is a Finnish, fast-growing start-up specialized in sleep and wellness. Acting in the booming mobile healthcare market, our vision is to give people an insight to their sleep and wellness and to encourage them to improve both.

Our mission is to make Beddit the leading sleep tracker and wellness coach for both consumers and professionals. Beddit Ltd (formerly Finsor Ltd) was founded in 2006. A fully owned subsidiary Beddit Inc (in Silicon Valley) was incorporated in 2013.

Beddit brought the first version of the sleep tracker, Beddit Pro, to the market in 2012. It’s been used by professionals in over 20 countries.

In August 2013, Beddit entered the consumer market by launching a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. In just ten weeks over 5000 new Beddits were pre-ordered to more than 106 countries. Beddit finalized the product and begun shipping in January 2014.


Hello, we are the Beddit Team. Nice to meet you.

 We are a team of 15 enthusiastic developers, scientists, marketers, designers and creators. A committed team is our most valuable resource.  If you would like to join us we appreciate team players, who take initiative and are entrepreneur minded. A dash of joyful attitude is also taken into account!

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Currently there is an API for the first product version, Beddit Pro. An API will enabled for the consumer Beddit during Q2/Q3 2014.

Beddit web API lets you access all data in Beddit service, starting from raw ballistocardiography (BCG) signals. In addition to BCG, the data includes instant heart rate data, heart rate variability, HRV, minutely actigraphy, and sleep/wake classification.

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