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  • What is different between the Beddit 2 and the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker?

    Beddit 3 is more robust and is encased in a flat, thin, soft, mattress-gripping fabric sleeve which makes it easier to re-position as often as you need. We've eliminated the hassle of adhesive tape! Beddit 3 adds a capacitive touch sensor (the same as in your smartphone screen) which instantly starts and stops measurement when you enter the bed. Beddit 3 adds bedroom temperature and humidity to optimise your bedroom environment, in addition to sleep, heart rate, breathing and snoring. We made a short video to explain the difference.

  • Can I use Beddit 3 in every bed?

    In principle yes. There are two exceptions, water beds, and electrical heated mattress covers. Both can create interference for Beddit 3 to understand what's going on.

  • Can I use Beddit 3 for two people sleeping in the same bed?

    Absolutely, Beddit 3 is designed for sleep tracking in a shared bed. However, this requires one sensor per person, per phone. You may track sleep one or two-at-a-time.

  • Does Beddit 3 have to be plugged into a power outlet?

    Yes, Beddit 3 must be continuously plugged into a power outlet. Doing so carries the added benefit of your Beddit staying ever ready to measure, without the hassle of having to charge anything.

  • How do I place my Beddit sensor on the mattress?

    It is very simple to place your Beddit sensor, simply put it ontop of your mattress in a horizontal position at chest height, and underneath your top bedsheet.

  • Does my phone have to be charging next to the bed?

    We recommend your phone be charging all night near the bed. Charging the battery is only part of the reason. When placed on the bedside table, the phone's microphone can pick up your snoring, as well as deliver the best smart alarm experience. Technically, your phone needs to be within Bluetooth range of your Beddit 3.

  • Is Beddit 3 connected via Bluetooth or does it have built-in memory?

    Your phone must be continuously connected via Bluetooth to Beddit 3 throughout the night. Measuring your sleep with accurate and comprehensive results continuously over extended periods of time (8 hours) creates large amounts of data and the best way to have your results instantly available in the morning is to stream the measurements continuously during the night.

  • Do I have to sleep on top of the sensor? What happens if I roll over on the side?

    You must sleep on top of the sensor for Beddit 3 to measure your sleep, heart rate, and breathing. It is not necessary to sleep in the middle of it, but at least some part of your upper body needs to touch the sensor. It works in any sleep position: side, stomach, or back. Rolling off the sensor will be interpreted as being awake or away from the bed.

  • Does Beddit 3 work in combination with a CPAP machine?

    Yes. Beddit works in coordination with a CPAP machine. In fact, many customers use a Beddit 3 in combination with CPAP treatment to monitor how well the treatment is improving their sleep.

  • What is the difference between Beddit 3 and Sleep Cycle app?

    In addition to more accurate sleep, Beddit 3 offers heart rate, breathing, snoring, and environmental measurements to give you the full picture of the night. Also, Beddit 3 does not require you to open an app and press a button every night. It measures fully automatically - the only thing you need to do is sleep.

  • Do I have to remember to start the app in the evening?

    No, you don't. Beddit 3 is an ambient experience, automatic measurement allows you to track your sleep without opening apps or pushing buttons. Just go to bed and sleep. The capacitive touch sensor in Beddit 3 will know when you're lying in bed and when you've gotten up to trigger the start/stop of the sleep measurement.

  • Does Beddit 3 work with Apple Health and what information is synced?

    Yes, Beddit 3 syncs sleep time, heart rate and respiration data with Apple Health. You can use this data in thousands of fitness and health apps, for example, Bedtime in the iOS Clock, Sleepio or Nudge.

  • Can I use the Beddit App without the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker?

    No. The Beddit app requires you to pair with a Beddit Sleep Tracker in order to track your sleep.

  • When will Beddit 3 features be fully supported on Android?

    Our plan is to update the Android app once the global Beddit 3 roll-out is finished.


  • When will Beddit 3 be available in Apple Stores?

    Beddit 3 has already rolled out in 100 select Apple Stores in North America, including: Boston, New York, Washington, Miami, Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and more; as well as Apple Stores in Europe, including: London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, and elsewhere. Sydney, Australia, and cities in certain Asian countries will follow soon.

  • When will Beddit 3 be available in Apple's online store?

    Beddit 3 is now available at Apple Stores online!

  • When will Beddit 3 be available from Amazon?

    Amazon will begin shipping Beddit 3 at the end of January 2017.

  • When will Beddit 3 be available in China, Hong Kong, Korea...?

    Customers outside of North America and Europe have access to Beddit at Apple Stores and will be availalble on Amazon online by the end of January 2017. While you can purchase Beddit 3 from beddit.com, for these location, shipping costs will be quite high and the power adaptor will be a US power adaptor.

  • If I order today on Beddit.com, when will I get my new Beddit 3?

    As long as our webstore states we have Beddit 3 in stock, and If you order before noon, your Beddit 3 will ship on the same day. We offer DHL worldwide express shipping in Europe which arrives within two days. In the US, we use FedEx Home Delivery which can take 1-5 business days. When shipping to Canada we use USPS First Class international which can take 7–21 days depending on customs.

  • How can I cancel my order?

    Just send us your order number to support@beddit.com. We will cancel it and refund your purchase.

  • What is your return policy?

    If you are not completely satisfied with your Beddit 3 purchase for any reason, we will offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If your Beddit malfunctions within one year of purchase, we will replace it. For questions regarding returns of a Beddit 3 order, email us at support@beddit.com.

  • I don't see the "continue to checkout" or "buy" button, what can I do?

    Please check if you have a pop-up blocker activated or Java Script deactivated in your browser.


  • How does Beddit 3 measure Heart Rate and Breathing?

    Beddit 3 measures tiny body movements in response to the heart pumping blood (cardiac contraction), and the breathing effort (thorax expansion). You can see the same effect by standing on an old-fashioned spring scale and watching the ticker flinch with every heartbeat. We spent years filtering the signal from the noise and became exceptionally good at it. Find out more about the underlying principle, called ballistocardiography, on Wikipedia.

  • Is Beddit 3 clinically validated?

    Yes. Clinical validation of over 99% accuracy against laboratory PSG for our heart rate and respiration measurements has been published in peer-reviewed journals. Validation was performed by past-president of the World Association of Sleep Medicine, Prof. Markku Partinen, at the Helsinki Sleep Clinic. Visit our Science page to check out the articles and papers we published.