About Beddit

Beddit creates ambient technology to solve sleep.

Sleep is the Bedrock of life. We all sleep, every day. If we don’t sleep well, many aspects of our life are impacted. At Beddit we focus on sleep, because when sleep is solved, everything gets better.

Without anything to wear, think about, or remember every night, the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker accurately measures sleep, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and the environment.

We connect your daily habits to all aspects of sleep quality in order to answer the question of why we sleep well and why not. Through integrations with a broad range of experts, we help our users to find individual solutions to solve their sleep.

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Eliot Baker
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Based in Helsinki, Finland and, since 2015, Santa Clara, CA, Beddit was founded in 2006 by Aalto and University of Helsinki PhD students: Lasse Leppäkorpi; Joonas Paalasmaa; Kim Dikert; and Mikko Waris.


Beddit raised over $500,000 for pre-orders on Indie GoGo in September, 2013. We shipped the first products to backers just three months later.

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