What do the different sleep results mean in the Beddit (for Model 3.0) app?

SleepScore (0-100) summarizes your night into a single number. It uses your sleep time, sleep efficiency, restfulness, snoring, and heart rate.

Sleep time (hours: minutes) is the time that you spend asleep while in bed. Time awake in bed doesn’t count toward sleep time.

Sleep efficiency (% of time sleeping) is the portion of time that you spent asleep while in bed.

Resting heart rate (beats/minute) shows your average heart rate while asleep, along with the highest and lowest rates.

Respiration rate (breaths/minute) is your average respiration rate while you’re asleep.

Sleep cycles (light/deep chart) During sleep, you alternate between stages of light and deep sleep.

Time to fall asleep (minutes) Also called “sleep onset,” this is the amount of time between pressing the SLEEP button and the time you fall asleep.

Away from bed (time(s)/minutes) shows when and how long you spend away from your bed after you first get into bed.

Awake (time(s)/minutes) shows when and how long you were awake while in bed.

Restless sleep indicates periods of excessive movement, such as tossing and turning.

Snoring is the total amount of time that the Beddit (for Model 3.0) app detects snoring during sleep. Beddit Sleep Monitor (Model 3.0) requires snoring detection, which uses the microphones on your iPhone. Snoring detection requires you to grant microphone access to the Beddit (for Model 3.0) app on your iPhone. The Beddit app marks fluctuations in noise level but doesn’t store audio (such as speech).